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Hello dear admins. Here is a short list of very important feedback and suggestions to them.

FEEDBACK : 1.1) VIRAL : Viral takes around 3/4 of front page monthly. This is still largely seen as negative by the community. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1r-Wyhc0fa-prsvu6lzDvZ4XtYVXlSy0VfFfiK5l1Wpo/edit?usp=sharing
[See propositions for solution]
1.2) ACHIEVEMENTS : Last time you gave us feedback, you talked about working on new achievements. Where are you with this project?
1.3) FEEDBACK : It has been five months since we last had news from you. More frequent feedback would be appreciated, but an answer to this should be enough for most.
1.4) STRIKES/SUSPENTIONS IMMUNITY : We appreciate it. Thank you.

PROPOSITION : 2.1) VIRAL : Over 1000 posts with over 40 points die on Rising per month. Here are some statistic to back this up : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hmm0j_qWyXLB-kjNVTWs-KuXqb_NV45YuNfxXjlOOm0/edit?usp=sharing
By lowering the threshold to 41, two options present themselves :
A) Removing Viral, resulting in a community-driven website with a similar amount of posts on the Front page with an overall high quality of posts.
B) Keeping Viral with the option of turning it off while still lowering the threshold to 41.
2.2) BEST OF SECTION : There used to be a section where we could see the top posts of each day. It would be interesting to have it back. Some users would also like either a weekly or monthly best of section.
2.3) BOTS : You are probably already aware of people cheating and upvoting themselves. If the posts that are old (let's say two weeks or older) do not generate positive or negative karma anymore this issue would be largely fixed.

Thank you for taking the time for reading this.
Senior Tacos

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  • Gh3rk1n-L1ck3r commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The mobile app is a shame and should be either immediately destroyed and cast out like the hunchbacked bastard child it is or brought from the barn into the house and dressed and fed like a human being.
    Viral is quite literally the enemy of the people and at this point undermines our sovereignty and will. It must die. To deny the people’s sovreignty and will is unwise.
    It’s about as bad as your censorship, denying us our basic human freedom to communicate and say the word nigger. I honestly have no desire to turn this into hiddenlol but I don’t like the idea of not being free to say whatever I want. It’s unamerican and therefore ungodly and inhuman. I don’t even derive any joy or sense of fulfillment by saying nigger. But I’ll be damned if someone will tell me what I’m prohibited from saying.
    Know: Well just get our memes elsewhere and you can enjoy your servers with no one watching the ads to pay for it.

  • Downudder commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    First of all, I'd just like to say that the most important thing is that the community and the admins should communicate more often and more directly. If we can do that, we can actively work on solving our problems in the future. And there are a few.

    As the post specified, we have both:
    1. a very skewed ratio of Viral posts and user submitted content that reaches Front in favor of Viral
    2. a *huge* number of good posts not reaching Front

    These two are not small problems, since the majority of content that Viral makes damages the reputation of the site, since it's supposed to be an alternative to 9gag, not its clone. It's not a problem that these posts exist as such, but their sheer number is suffocating to the rest of the content. It artificially creates a false impression of this site.
    The second problem is due to the standards remaining the same since the days when Hugelol had many times the amount of users it now has, and what we have now are simply unrealistic posting standards for a userbase whose size has been reduced, and it reflects on the fact that a post can reach up to 75 upvotes after it failed to reach the 51 threshold in 24 hours.

    The beauty of this is that both problem have a common solution, as outlined above: we simply reduce the threshold for posts to reach Front from 51 to 41. The number of user-generated posts on Front (and again, these are still usually very good posts) would increase and reach the level of Viral. This is important because Front is frequented by the majority of the userbase, as seen by the number of upvotes a post on Front gets as opposed to Rising or Fresh, as it's on Front where majority of people see what Hugelol is all about.

    Further thing that would help in this situation would be:
    1. extending the period for a post to reach Front from 1 day to 2 days
    2. alternatively, for the 1 day period to start only when a post has reached Rising, because sometimes many good posts can stay on Fresh for quite some time if a lot of users post a lot of content at the same time
    3. reducing Viral's output. Nobody is asking for Viral to be shut down, but if the number of posts Viral generates is reduced by half and as outlined above the threshold is reduced to 41, the ratio of Viral posts and user-generated posts would flip from 3:1 as it is now, to 1:3. Again, this would greatly increase the perception that most people who don't frequent Hugelol have of the site.

    Again, even if these problems aren't solved in this way, if you would communicate your ideas, thoughts and intentions for this site with us, it would help us all to direct this website's future in the right direction, especially if this communication would be fairly frequent, like a guaranteed post once a week, or even a month from the administrators.

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