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Hello, Senior Tacos here. Are you guys still out there? We have been posting riot raids for a few days now and no sign of answers. A lot of good points have been pointed out in this riot. If you care even just a little, please make a post answering at least a few of these questions :

1) Do you still have plan for the site in the future?
2) Do you plan on removing or fixing viral ? ->Viral is widly seen a very negative by the community, it breaks the rules of the site, it's almost never funny even for newcommers. It doesn't represent the style of humor of the site.
3) Windows have been once more banned for unknown reason ->Tell us why or ->unban him.
4) Will you remove or change the deprecated humor on the page like the 404?
5) Will you make more achievement ?
6) Will you allow us to make suggestions as you did in the past ?

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We’ll send you updates on this idea

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We have definitely not forgotten about the site and we care a lot. We are currently in a kind of slow phase where features are not introduced as fast as they used to be, but starting in January 2018 we will return to active development.

Thus, to answer your questions:
(1) Yes, due to the great support of the community we will.
(2) This is being discussed.
(3) We’ll have to look into this.
(4) Maybe we’ll replace it with some dank memes, who knows.
(5) Yes.
(6) Absolutely.

If you want to have further feedback, please do not hesitate to create additional posts in the feedback section. More information and insight is coming soon.

Thanks for your support! We greatly appreciate it.
- The HUGELOL Team


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